Abs and Core Exercises

50 Core Exercises That Use a Ball

Get 6-pack abs with these medicine, slam and stability ball exercises.

50 Core Exercises That Use a Ball

True story: Playing with balls can be an excellent workout. (I’ll just wait a moment for you to stop snickering.) Whether big inflated ones, small firm weighted ones, or heavy ones ripe for slamming, they can really get the job done. (No, really, why are you still laughing?) These 50 tough exercises tax the core like no other—and all you need are the balls to do them. Whichever moves you pick, time each set for 30 seconds to a minute, resting a minute between, and aiming for three or four goes.

1. Stability Ball: Ball Pass

Lie on your back, holding the stability ball overhead. Keeping your head down, your back flat, and your arms and legs straight, bring the ball forward over your chest while raising your legs up, so you can pass the ball to between your lower legs. Extend arms back overhead and legs out, both at a 45-degree angle, then bring everything back in to pass the ball back to your hands. Repeat.

2. Stability Ball: Ball Plank 

Prop yourself on your forearms on the stability ball, body long in a plank position, and hold. Don’t let your chest rest on the ball or your hips drop.

3. Stability Ball: Rollouts

Kneel in front of the stability ball and place your forearms atop it. Roll your arms out in front of you, bringing your hips as straight as possible, then roll back in. Repeat.

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4. Stability Ball: Pot Stirrers

Form a forearm plank on the stability ball. Slowly move the ball in small circles with your arms. Go one direction for half the time, then reverse the circle.

5. Stability Ball: Supine Lateral Choppers

Lie with your shoulder blades resting on the stability ball, knees bent so you’re in a bridge position. Extend your arms straight out above your chest and clasp your hands. Slowly rotate your upper body so your hands are pointing to one wall, then rotate back up through center to the opposite side. Don’t let your hips drop the whole time. Repeat.

6. Stability Ball: Deadbugs 

Lie on your back, holding the stability ball in both hands. Extend your arms and legs toward the ceiling and pin the ball evenly between all four limbs. Slowly lower one arm toward the floor over your head while lowering the opposite leg straight down toward the floor as well, stopping before your lower back pops up. Bring those limbs back to hold the ball and repeat the lowering with the opposite arm and leg. Repeat.

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