You may think that doing 100 crunches a day will get you a six pack fast, but nothing could be further from the truth. To get a six pack, you’ll have to exercise as often as possible but it’s going to take longer than 10 minutes (no matter what some fitness influencers tell you). And right now, fewer than 5% of adults do 30 minutes of exercise per day.

There are multiple benefits to doing physical exercise every day. One of the most significant benefits is that physical activity can help to reduce your risk for certain conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure – and, of course, it’ll make you ripped.

So while you need to do a lot more than crunches to get ripped, they certainly won’t hurt in your quest for that elusive six pack. This article will go over crunch benefits, and the most common types people enjoy doing. To help us break down these ab exercises we reached out to Hollywood trainer Don Saladino, who’s helped get people like Sebastian Stan and Ryan Reynolds into superhero shape.

What Muscles Do Crunches Work?

When you do a traditional sit up, you work the rectus abdominis muscle. Ab workouts are meant to target the midsection of your body and strengthen your core. Crunches can also help develop the external and internal oblique muscles, which help create that six-pack look.

How to Get A Six-Pack

To get your six pack to show, you have to get your body fat down – there’s no negotiating that. And to do that you have to burn calories, and to do that you have to workout your abs. These at home exercises give you the freedom to develop a routine that fits into your busy schedule without the hassle of traveling to a gym. So keep this page bookmarked for even after the coronavirus pandemic blows over.

Here, we run over the most common types of crunches and their benefits:


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