Abs and Core Exercises

Home Abs and Cardio Workout

Build up your endurance and core strength while sculpting a killer six-pack.

Home Abs and Cardio Workout

Ready to scorch some fat and chisel rock solid abs? This home abs & cardio workout is designed to burn every bit of remaining fat on your belly and really get your abs super shredded. You'll be training in a very low position, hitting all your explosive muscles as your burst with every rep. 

In this intense workout, Mike Chang of SixpackShortcuts.com and Six Pack Shortcuts on YouTube presents a series of challenging moves that's guaranteed to strenghten your core, and improve your endurance while helping you sculpt the six-pack you've always wanted. Get ready to kick your ab and cardio training into a much higher gear. 

The Workout:

**Complete the entire list of exercises for 1 round
**2 reps for each exercise
**Exercises are done back to back
**No rest in between exercises or rounds.

Plank to elbow 
Knee to elbow (push-up position)
Half burpee
Mountain climber

Be sure to check out more from Mike Chang at SixpackShortcuts.com.

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