Since a strong, well-developed core is essential for optimal lifting performance, weight trainers should do all they can to maximize their strength and power in this part of the body. 

This midsection move is one that’s guaranteed to build a stronger core, and ripped abs. The incline and the amount of weight used in the video below are best suited for the advanced trainer. However, this exercise can be performed with less of an incline, and/or with little or no extra weight for those just getting started. No matter what level of fitness, be sure to use a slow and controlled movement to avoid injury and achieve the best possible results. As you get more comfortable with the motion, you can add more weight, as well as a steeper incline. 


1. Set the incline of your bench. Place the weight plate on the floor, behind your head.

2. Set and secure your feet, and lie back on the bench. Reach back behind your head and grab the plate securely with both hands. Pull it over to rest on your chest.

3. Raise your torso and extend plate straight up overhead. Return to the start position and repeat. 3 sets x 15-20 reps

OPTIONAL: Drop Sets. Perform 15-20 reps then use lighter weight for 6-8 more repetitions.

Rob Fletcher is the Founder of America’s Next Great Trainer. He is also the Producer/Host of ANGT Radio 93.5FM NY WTBQ – a weekly talk show on health, fitness, nutrition and motivation, featuring celebrities, athletes, and trainers sharing their advice, and empowering stories of transformation.