Few things can derail your biceps progress more than lack of exercise variety. There’s pretty much only one movement you can do for the bi’s (the curl), and doing only barbell and dumbbell curls can get stale. Lucky for you, we’ve got a cure for the boredom: the lying cable curl. Its the perfect finishing move for a workout that also includes heavy barbell and/or dumbbell curls. Include this exercise on your next arm day and you’ll be a little less bored, and a lot more pumped in the biceps.


Follow these instructions to bring a more intense burn to your biceps via cables.


1. Lie on the floor in a cable crossover station with your head a foot or so from the weight stack.
2. Grasp a straight- or EZ-bar attachment coming from a high pulley, setting up with a palms-up grip (forearms facing you).
3. Begin with your arms fully extended toward the ceiling, your knees bent, and feet flat on the floor.


Keeping your upper arms completely stationary (more or less perpendicular to the floor),contract your biceps to bend your elbows and curl the bar down to your forehead.Touch down lightly, squeeze your biceps hard for one to two seconds, then slowly return to the arms-extended position


Where It Hits: Biceps
When To Do It: At the end of your workout, after barbell and DB curls
How To Do It: 2-4 sets, 8-15 reps