Chest Exercises

15 Minutes to Bigger Pecs

Crunched for time on chest day? Use this 15-minute, all-cables routine to net a huge pump and keep your growth on track.

15 Minutes to Bigger Pecs

You've got a dilemma: you wouldn't dream of missing that coveted chest routine this week, but you just don't have time to fit it in. If you're as pec-obsessed as most guys, this has catastrophe written all over it—or so you think. No worries. If you've got 15 minutes and a cable station at your disposal, you'll be walking in and out of the gym in no time with a pair of pumped up pecs.

The following routine consists of four exercises, nine sets total—12 if you count the supersets as two—that can be readily achieved in 15 minutes. But to do this, rest periods can't exceed 45 seconds, so keep your eye on the clock.

The first two exercises are to be supersetted and the next two are straight sets. The beauty of this workout is that not only is it quick and taxing, but it's well rounded too—the superset hits the middle chest with both a press and a flye movement, the low pulley crossover targets the upper region of the pecs and the pullover takes care of the lower pecs.

The Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Cable Chest Press 3 10-12
- Superset With -    
Cable Crossover    
Low Pulley Cable Crossover 3 10-12
Straight-arm Cable Pulldown 3 10-12

See next page for how to perform each exercise correctly.

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