So many muscle fibers, so little time. And when it comes to your busy summer schedule, you may have even less time than that. Sometimes, you just need to get ripped in a hurry and even though high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best way to boost your body’s ability to burn fat, you just don’t have the time to invest at this point. Summer is upon us and you need to look your beach-ready best, like, yesterday.

You want to put your body in that golden zone of extended fat-burning but you also want to burn a ton of calories and break down muscle fibers right now. By combining a heavier compound exercise with a lighter isolation move and following them with a sprint, you can induce growth, get a great pump and burn away more fat. That checks a lot of boxes.

This chest-and-back-focused workout gives you an emergency makeover for these two showtime muscle groups while also burning tons of calories during and after your workout. Your biceps and triceps get worked peripherally, so the result is a tighter-looking upper body that you can put on display with pride.

It should be noted that this is a high-intensity approach and should therefore not be used exclusively. But if you have a few weeks (or less) to tighten up, then throwing this workout in once or twice a week, with at least three days between workouts, is a good idea.

The Workout 

For each bodypart, you’ll perform two exercises, followed by a sprint. You will repeat this five times total, without rest. After each bodypart, you’ll rest two minutes before starting the next. Because the sprints are so taxing on your entire body and are done most efficiently on fresh legs, you’ll forego any resistance training for your quads, hams or calves.

Exercise Sets Reps         Time
Pushup 5 To failure  
Dumbbell Flye 5 12-15  
Sprint 5   30-sec.
REST                       2-min.
Pullup 5 10  
Straight Arm Pulldown 5 12-15  
Sprint 5   30-sec.