Full-Body Exercises

The 9-Move, At-Home Workout to Avoid a Dad Bod

Get a workout in without leaving your fatherly duties behind.

Celebrating Father’s Day for the first time is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And that first year can sometimes contribute to the dreaded “dad bod.” It's understandable to be tired and busy, especially if you're a new dad, but there's no shortage of men who manage to strike a balance between fitness and dad duty.

ReebokONE trainers Paul Tremblay and Austin Malleolo created the video above with some tips on how to “revolutionize the dad bod” by staying active and healthy while tackling all of the priorities a busy father has. Tremblay, dad to a one-year-old, also designed a unique paternity workout for new parents that'll help you burn fat while you watch the kids.

The full-body workout, demonstrated below, is perfect for stay-at-home dads or those off on paternity leave.

How to do it

This workout is designed as a circuit. Do 10 reps of each move back-to-back. That’s one circuit. Then repeat the workout from the start for a total of 2–3 rounds (or more) depending upon how much time you have, and how cooperative your child decides to be that day.

Be mindful and cautious about your form and speed. This is your child, so use common sense. And if Junior decides to take a nap in the middle of your circuit, check out this 20-minute dumbbell at-home workout that's guaranteed to get the job done—no children required.


1. Back Squat

2. Front Squat

3. Hollow Hold Press

4. Kid Clean

5. Kid Swing

6. Kid Twist

7. Lunge

8. Thruster

9. Weighted Situp