Step 1: From a staggered stance, drop down into a lunge.

Step 2: Explosively reverse the motion to jump, switch your legs midair, and land with the opposite foot forward.

What It Is

A head-to-toe routine that blasts you with a heavy dose of athletic, powerful moves, courtesy of Andy McDermott, a fitness coach, former pro soccer player, and actor living in Los Angeles. McDermott designed this “Crazy 8s” routine (eight reps for each exercise) to be performed as a nonstop circuit, which will torch body fat just in time for summer. In between rounds, rest for one minute, or, to make it even more metabolically taxing, you can do an active rest of jogging, jumping rope, stairs, or stationary bike before starting the next round.

Why It Works

Explosive exercises like plyo pushups, broad jumps, and lunge jumps found in this circuit are a no-brainer when body weight is the only resistance you have to work with, since adding heavy loads is counterproductive to maximizing speed of movement anyway. Power moves aren’t just for athletes, either; they provide a potent fat-burning effect, making them ideal for the physique-conscious guy looking to carve out a better six-pack.

Tools Needed

A pullup bar, jungle gym, rafter, or tree branch to perform both the pullups and hanging knee raises.

Bodyweight Workout

Following a sufficient warmup, perform the following exercises as a circuit, completing 8 reps of each movement:

Broad Jump for Distance
Hanging Knee Raise
Clapping Pushup
Lunge Jump

Rest one minute between each circuit. Beginners: Complete three rounds total; intermediates: five rounds; and advanced athletes: up to 8 rounds.