Do not let the name of this exercise fool you, because when it’s all said and done it will have you weeping after gutting through your last rep.

The sissy squat has been around since the 1960’s and is a great exercise to either warm up with or even better, to use as a great finisher. The sissy squat is great as it totally focuses on the quads and eliminates all other muscles from the movement. Along with developing your quads, this exercise will help develop your balance and even your core strength. Beginners should use only their body weight during the routine, but more advanced athletes would benefit by adding weight. 


Step 1: Take a shoulder-width stance with your toes pointed slightly out. With one (or both hands), grab bars on power rack or squat stands around hip level or slightly higher. These will only be used to keep you balanced.

Step 2: Keeping your hips and waist straight, and core and back tight, bend your knees, pushing them down and forward as your body falls backward on the descent. Your heels will come up off the floor as your knees come down, but the front of your feet will remain on the ground.

Step 3: Continue lowering your knees until they are flexed or nearly touching the floor. Your lower legs will be almost parallel to the floor at this point.

Step 4: Pause for a split-second and then return to the starting position in a controlled manner, pushing through the floor as your legs straighten and your heels return to the floor. 

Step 5: Take a breath between reps, exhaling only when reps are completed. Repeat until the desired reps are reached.

The author of this article, Mehmet Edip is an internationally published fitness model and writer, actor and competitive athlete 

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