Neglected Body Parts: Forearms and Calves

Often overlooked during weight training, these muscles need some love too. So give it to them!

Neglected Body Parts: Forearms and Calves

How often do you see people in the gym neglecting certain body parts, or leaving weaker body parts to the end of their workouts and treating them like an afterthought? Two body parts that are most often overlooked are the calves and forearms. Let's take a closer look at how we can give these muscle groups the attention they deserve.

Calves can be one of the hardest body parts to develop and train properly. I know many people who have had lifelong difficulty getting them to grow more than just a couple of inches. However, there are several ways in which lifters can improve this stubborn body part:

Prioritize Calves: Don't Make Them an Afterthought

Most people still treat their calf training as an "extra" at the end of a hard legs workout. Those who really need work on this muscle group must train them hard and heavy with as much focus as any other muscle group.

Some bodybuilders like to work their calves before they train the rest of their legs, but I think this presents a potential to fatigue your legs and hamper your strength on squats. So why not train your calves at the very beginning of an UPPER body workout, so that there is no interference between muscle groups. The best training days for this are ones that might not take as long, such as chest or arms.

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