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CrossFit WOD: Fight to the Finish

Are you man enough for DT? This mentally and physically punishing workout will test your heroism.

CrossFit WOD: Fight to the Finish

CrossFit often pays tribute to fallen servicemen with a “hero” workout named in their honor. “DT” honors United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Timothy P. Davis, who was killed by an IED in Afghanistan on Feb. 20, 2009, while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

As with many CrossFit workouts, DT doesn’t appear too difficult. It’s composed of three exercises—the deadlift, hang power clean, and push-press—all using a 155-pound barbell. It starts with 12 reps of the deadlift, followed by nine reps of the power hang clean, and finishes with six reps of the push-press, and is repeated as a circuit for five total rounds. On paper, the number of reps per round seems manageable; the weight isn’t that heavy, and five-rounders are standard in the CrossFit world. But experiencing this WOD and reading about it are worlds apart. The sequence of movements is part of what makes it so difficult. The workout takes you from pull to push, from power lift to Olympic lifts, targeting the metabolic pathways that are the route to increased athletic performance.