Up for a real challenge to break up your work-from-home routine? Celebrity trainer Don Saladino has one for you: A high-rep kettlebell workout (we’re talking 350 reps in one workout) that rocks your strength, mobility, and stability. All you need is one kettlebell, and a whole lot of determination, to charge through this effective five-move program.

It’s a great clean, full-body workout that will get your heart rate going up, even with one light weight. So don’t stress if you don’t have a heavy kettlebell at home.

The get-in-shape guru recently shared this at-home workout on his Instagram for his 291K followers. Five rounds of compound movements develop strength but also challenge mobility, such as the goblet squat. “The goblet squat, I think is one of the most overlooked squatting exercise out there,” says the Hollywood fitness expert, who’s trained people like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. “I love it because the placement of the bell is forcing us to get into a very successful position in the squat.”

With the half-kneeling press, an effective and safe way to do your overhead pressing, according to Saladino, you can burn fat and get a cardiovascular workout. “When you’re in a half kneeling position, you’re able to really engage your glutes, which in turn will help you loosen your hip flexors from being in that half kneeling position,” he says. “You can really stabilize your core a lot better and not arch your lumbar spine.”

Saladino also notes a handy endurance component to the swing. “You have the swing, which in my opinion might be the best kettlebell exercise out of all of them. Hip dominant works the entire posterior chain at the top … we’re really engaging and forcing us to get into a plank position.”

You’re doing five rounds of this workout — try to do one move one right after the other, then take a small break (maybe 2 minutes) before doing another round.

Blast through this high-rep kettlebell workout below.

Don’s 350-Rep Kettlebell Routine
Exercise Reps Sets
Goblet Squats 10 5
Swings 10 5
1/2 Kneeling Press 10* 5
One-arm, one-leg row 10* 5
Leg lowering 10 5

* 10 per side