Workout Routines

Torch Away Fat in 20 Minutes

Circuit training routines for greater fat burning and muscle sculpting results.

Torch Away Fat in 20 Minutes

If you want a quick and effective way to train the whole body then look no further than circuit training, circuits increase cardiovascular and musculoskeletal performance.

Circuit training, which combines cardio and strength training maximizes fat burning and helps you tone muscle.  Circuit training burns approximately 10 calories per minute and 30% more calories than a standard weightlifting routine. Try and alternate between the 2 intense workouts below to ramp up your fat burning, and muscle sculpting results.

Workout 1:

1. Barbell Row with Box Jumps

Set up barbell. Weight should be 30% below your 1 rep max. Perform 100 box jumps between each set.

3 x 12-15 barbell row (superset with...)

3 x 100 box jumps

2. Burpees with Clean and Press

Set up the barbell 50% below your 1 RM

Complete 20 burpees with 10 clean and press

3 x 20 burpees (superset with...)

3 x 10 clean and press

3. Leg Extension with Squat Jumps 

3 x 15 leg extensions (30% below your 1 RM) (superset with...)

3 x 30 squat jumps (bodyweight only) 

*Rest 2-minutes between each set

incorporate pull-ups and dips into routine. Perform 1 set until failure.