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Shaun White notes the type of strength needed for snowboarding is different from many other sports, in that snowboarders require quickness, agility and core strength versus pure brute strength. Balance is a function of each exercise in winter sports professionals’ workouts. BOSUs and stability balls add challenge to every rep since athletes must not only complete the set, but also must maintain balance on an uneven, ever-moving foundation and/or frequently, on a single leg. Why? In the seconds before you fall – doing that panicked arm-waving move – you’re straining every single muscle in your body to return to balance. So, let’s pre-emptively strengthen these tiny forgotten stabilizing muscles to help keep you upright all the way to the bottom of the mountain.

Skier Lindsey Vonn feels the same way. Many of the physical demands of skiing are similar to snowboarding: legs are under constant duress to maintain correct posture and absorb shock, abs and lower back are working hard to stabilize the torso and upper body, muscles of the upper body continually correct positioning to aid in balance – all while making high-speed turns! All of these muscles must be strengthened for power and endurance.

Thus, any workout regime designed to make one a better snowboarder and/or skier, as well as minimize injuries on the mountain, should include the following elements:

Core Strength – Leg Strength – Balance – Stabilizers – Endurance

Winter Olympian Core and Leg Workout

Perform each pair of exercises as a superset (A before B. Repeat A & B for a total of 3 times). Rest 1 minute between sets. Rest 3 minutes before proceeding to the next superset, or as needed.

Swiss Plank

A. Core plank on Swiss ball – 60 seconds

B. Single leg squats on BOSU ball – 10-15 reps per leg



A. Medicine ball catch and throw standing on a BOSU ball – 15 reps to each side

B. Barbell deep squats – 8-10 reps (65-75% 1RM)



Standard pushup

A. Swiss ball single leg cross crunch – 15 reps per side

B. Core plank to push up position – 20 reps alternating arms


BOSU Push up

A. Endurance static squat on BOSU ball – 60 seconds

B. Push-up on BOSU ball – 20 reps


BOSU Jump Squats

A Back extensions with twist on BOSU  – 10 reps per side

B Side to side squat jumps on BOSU – 20 reps to each side


Side Crunch 2

A Overhead squat with elastic band under feet – 20 reps

B Side crunches  – 15 reps per side


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