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Whether you’re a true beginner to lifting weights or a former gym rat finally getting back to business, your needs are fairly straightforward: Find a program that’s easy to follow, demanding enough to produce some size and strength gains to get you hooked for the long term, but not so intense that it burns you out. These early stages are also a time for establishing good habits in terms of how to per- form foundational exercises, how to properly warm up, what to do for cardio, and what to feed your body to enhance performance and recovery.

All of these critical elements are covered in the following six-week program, designed by Justin Grinnell, C.S.C.S., owner and head trainer at State of Fitness in East Lansing, MI. Grinnell’s program is everything the starter needs it to be: easy to follow, with tried-and- true principles that will produce gains in muscle size and strength that you’ll likely begin to notice within a month. The program also addresses functional fitness, mobility, cardio, nutrition, and supplements. Most important, this plan will lay the groundwork for more impressive results down the road. After all, this is just the beginning.

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