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The 5 Most Pressing Fitness Issues in College

Follow these important lessons to succeed in your higher learning journey.

The five most pressing fitness issues in college

The best time of your life to be in shape is in college. Unfortunately, being a college student presents many obstacles when it comes to fitness and staying in shape. Being out of shape has become an accepted way of life in this country, and you know what, it really makes me upset that we as a society encourage such a lifestyle.

I am going to identify the five most pressing fitness issues in college, tell you the TRUTH about them, and reveal how to combat them. Power through this article because it may seem harsh at times, but I assure you that anyone can achieve their fitness goals if they put their mind and body to it. 


If I could have a nickel for every time I heard, ‘I am starting a new diet tomorrow’, I would never have to work a day in my life. Your diet is without doubt the key to becoming fit. No matter how many hours, days or weeks you spend in the gym, you will not see a dramatic difference unless you address your diet. 

This is a harsh truth that many people can not come to face: a calorie DEFICIT is the most effective way to achieve healthy weight loss. A calorie deficit means that you burn more calories than you eat. It is a tremendously simple concept. This does not mean eat one less piece of pizza – calories are not created equal, kids. 

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As for the underclassmen out there, the ‘I only eat at dining halls, so I can’t diet’ excuse is unacceptable. Most universities have the nutritional info on all the food they are serving to students posted online, so do some digging and find out exactly what and how much you are eating.

There a many websites out there that calculate your ‘maintenance’ caloric intake and then can calculate a calorie deficit suitable for you based on your body type and fitness routine. Read forums, talk to others; the fitness community is large and expanding, and there are plenty of people willing to help you along the way.


For those of you that participate in multiple binge-drinking sessions a week, say goodbye to any fitness goals. In order to regulate your diet, you need to regulate your alcohol consumption. 

Alcohol is without doubt a staple of college culture. Unfortunately, alcohol has many nasty side effects. First, it is high in calories. No matter whether you drink ‘low calorie’ vodka or ‘light’ beer, the calories will add up. Secondly for you fellow men out there, alcohol reduces testosterone production, which is our key hormone for producing muscle mass. Lastly, alcohol is metabolized differently than other foods. In simple terms, your body burns the alcohol for energy instead of, oh let’s say, your love handle fat. 

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Here is my solution to alcohol: drink one night per week and limit yourself to less than four drinks. It will be hard. That is the truth. However, reducing your alcohol consumption will ultimately help you achieve your fitness goals quicker, and live a healthy lifestyle.