Your feet overpronated (the ankle collapsed inward), your calves were tight, or you were doing step-ups onto a bench when your foot started hurting.

There’s pain along the inside edge of the heel near the arch of your foot. The pain worsens when you put weight on your foot after a long period of inactivity, such as when you first wake up. It may also hurt to stand for a long time.

Plantar fasciitis—inflammation of the connective tissue on the bottom of the foot.


1. Sit with your leg straight and wrap a long towel around the arch of the foot. Gently pull the towel so you feel a stretch in your Achilles and the arch. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat for three total sets.

2. Place a golf ball or rolling pin on the floor and roll your foot over it for five minutes. Apply as much pressure as you can tolerate.

3. Wrap a resistance band (we like Thera-Bands, at thera-band.com) around your foot and hold both ends. Turn your ankle outward, inward, and then upward. Do 20 reps, holding each position for four seconds.

Make sure to train in comfortable sneakers, and if you’re very active, change them every two or three months. Wear comfortable socks that provide cushion support. if you have flat feet or you overpronate when you run, look into getting soft orthotics.