There are few exercises that pack as much punch as the deadlift. The strength required to perform the lift calls upon muscles from every part of the body, so it is rightfully a foundation movement of choice for trainers and strength coaches all over the world. But there’s more to progressing this lift than just adding more plates. One of the best ways to perfect your form and improve your strength training is to add some elastic resistance with strength bands. The bands won’t affect your pull from the floor, but they’ll make the lockout more difficult. When you return to performing the standard deadlift after a few sessions with the bands, you’ll notice a direct carry-over effect and a stronger lockout.

How to:


Load a barbell on the floor, and then strap a Velcro loop outside the collar on each side of the bar. Clip both ends of the strength band onto each loop.


Take a normal deadlift stance—but stand directly on top of the outstretched band, placing it under the arches of your feet. Grasp the bar with an alternating grip.


Squeeze your glutes, and pull your shoulder blades back as you extend your hips to raise the bar. Lock out at the top of the lift with a full extension of your hips.

Tip: Start with a medium-tension band before advancing.