From diet coach, trainer and leader of the The Swedish team on The Biggest Loser TV show to woman behind the highly successful fighterdiet website, Pauline Nordin has built a huge following of loyal and dedicated weight training enthusiasts. Now she’s bringing her skills and expertise to Muscle & Fitness each week – inspiring thousands to achieve their fitness goals. 

In this No BS episode, Pauline sits down with Dr. Dan Reardon to talk about the High Intensity Interval Training book he co-wrote with Dr. Jim Stoppani’s. The M&F Guide to HIIT extensively documents the research-proven way to burn more fat with less time in the gym and fewer (but more intense) workouts. The M&F Guide to HIIT is scientifically designed to build more muscle, boost fitness levels, and torch body fat. To purchase this book go to Once on the site, you can either order hard copies or PDFs, or get re-directed to the book app on iTunes/Google Play. 

To learn more about Pauline and her highly motivating training approach, check out this M&F video exlusive, and be sure to watch every week for another edition of Pauline’s No BS approach to weight training.