Name: Joel Cecil
Occupation: Fireman (Calaveras County Consolidated Fire Department)
Age: 34
Location: Danville, California
Interests: Surfing, wakeboarding, swimming

Real World Training Fireman

Once Joel Cecil made up his mind to become a firefighter, there was no stopping him. It’s a long, tough road to get there, but Cecil was willing to put in the hard work and do whatever it took to make his dreams of becoming a professional firefighter a reality.

Now that he’s there, Cecil sees that there’s a lot of back and shoulder injuries that come with the job. “You’ve got to carry ladders, pull hose, lift patients. You can be carrying anywhere up to 75 pounds, while putting your body in a lot of different positions.” For these reasons, it’s vital for Cecil to maintain his superior level of fitness, so during his days off he likes to keep active with a variety of outdoor sports. Surfing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, and swimming are among the activities he prefers to stay in optimal shape.

Since Joel loves to surf and is always looking for ways to hone his skills in the water, and on the job, this TRX surf workout is something that would help keep him at the top of his game.

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