Name: Jason Schroeder
Occupation: Co-Owner of Brazen Athletics in Fairfield & Hoboken, NJ
Age: 36
Location: Newark, NJ
Interests: Weight training, CrossFit, swimming

Real World Training Coach

Just over 5 years ago, he was bringing CrossFit to people’s homes, now this fitness fanatic is bringing the people to his CrossFit gym. “I wanted to create a place where people got better — not only physically, but mentally,” says Jason Schroeder, owner of Brazen Athletics. “I wanted to change people’s minds of what their perception of fitness was, and what their perception of life was.”

No stranger to the world of fitness, Schroeder has put his time in at the gym and has the battle scars to prove it. “It’s my job to look the part, and in doing so I have the demands of working out all the time. I am a strength based athlete. I clean, I jerk, I snatch, I deadlift, I press…very, very heavy. I can perform the best mechanics in the safest environment possible, but I’m still going to get hurt,” Schroeder says. To minimize the damage and risk of future injuries, he does a lot of mobility work with foam rollers prior to his workouts.

Since Schroeder likes the challenges of brutal, full-body workouts, this CrossFit yoked-up routine presents the ultimate test in strength and endurance.

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