Power, Rep Range, Shock (P/RR/S) is a cyclical approach to lifting weights in which you utilize a unique training protocol every week (in 3-week cycles), with the goal of tapping into all of the body’s various growth mechanisms. Each of the three weeks is meant to bring about a specific physiological effect, so that your body cannot adapt to any one form of training, which would eventually result in stagnation. P/RR/S addresses muscle growth from a variety of “angles,” and allows significant progress to take place on a very consistent, and long-term, basis (and that is what we all want, right?).

Week # 1 is POWER training, and it is meant to annihilate the highest threshold fast twitch muscle fibers, increase raw strength, and stimulate a greater amount of natural testosterone to course through your veins. Here is the outline for a basic POWER week, along with a sample workout for back:

Rep Goal: 4-6
Rest Between Sets: 3-4 minutes
*Lifting Tempo: 2-4/0/X 
Exercises: Mostly compound

  1. Rack Deadlift: 4 x 4-6
  2. Weighted WG Pull-ups: 3 x 4-6
  3. Underhand Grip BB Bent Row: 3 x 4-6
  4. CG Seated Cable Row: 3 x 4-6

Week # 2 is REP RANGE training, the goal of which is tear through all the intermediary muscle fibers that lie along the continuum from Type I to Type II, induce capillarization, and to stimulate growth producing metabolic adaptations within muscle cells. Here is the outline for a basic REP RANGE week, along with a sample workout for triceps:

Rep Goal: 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-20
Rest Between Sets: 2-3 minutes
*Lifting Tempo: 2/1/2/1***
Exercises: Compound, Isolation, Machine or Cable

***1-second hold at peak contraction for certain exercises (ex. Leg Extensions).

  1. Smith CG Bench Press: 2 x 7-9
  2. Lying Triceps Extension: 2 x 10-12
  3. Rope Pushdown: 2 x 13-15
  4. Dumbbell Kickback: 2 x 16-20

Week # 3 is SHOCK training, and a true test of your ability to withstand searing muscle pain! The burn and lactic acid that SHOCK workouts produce will help flood your system with natural GH, literally bathing your cells in one of the most powerful muscle producing, fat incinerating hormones known to science! Here is the outline for a basic SHOCK week, along with a sample workout for delts:

Rep Goal: 7-9 for SS and 10-12 for DS
Rest Between Sets: cardiovascular and mental recovery
*Lifting Tempo: 2/0/1
Exercises: Compound, Isolation, Machine or Cable

  1. Superset: Seated Side Lateral/Behind the Neck Press: 2 x 7-9 each
  2. Superset: WG Cable Upright Row/Bent Lateral: 2 x 7-9 each
  3. Dropset: Barbell Front Raise: 1 x 10-12, drop, 6-8 more

Once you have completed the 3-week P/RR/S cycle, return to the beginning and repeat, with the intention of training more intensely on the following cycle. I suggest you use the same exercises for three straight cycles, and try to lift heavier weight and/or increase your reps at each workout. After three full cycles either take a complete week off from the gym, or at least train at low intensity for one week to allow for repair and recovery of joints, muscles, and the CNS. Upon returning to P/RR/S, feel free to switch some or all of the exercises, and prepare to push even harder through the next three cycles.

I hope this training program will have my fellow Muscle & Fitness readers experiencing the best possible progress in return for the hard work and time spent in the gym. 

*Lifting Tempo is the phrase used to describe how fast you lower, lift and pause with the weight in each phase of a repetition. It is expressed in seconds and begins with the negative (lowering) portion of an exercise, then the midpoint (stretch) portion, then the positive (lifting) portion, and if there is a forth number used it will be the peak contraction (squeeze) portion. Here is an example from each workout above that will illustrate the concept of “lifting tempo.”

Weighted WG Pullup with a tempo of 4/0/X (X = “as explosively as possible): Raise your body as explosively as possible; no hold at the top; lower your body over 4 seconds; no hold at the bottom. Repeat.

DB Kickback with a tempo of 2/1/2/1: Raise DB from starting point to top in 2 seconds; hold squeeze for 1 second; lower to starting point over 2 seconds; hold starting position for 1 second. Repeat.

Behind the Neck Press with a tempo of 2/0/1: Lower the weight over 2 seconds; no pause at the bottom; push back to top in one second; no pause at top. Repeat.

Eric Broser is a lifetime Drug Free­ Pro Bodybuilder and has been involved in the health and­ fitness industry in just about every facet for ­over 24 years. He has penned over 200 articles on training/supplements/nutrition, and has authored four books on the subject of rapid and effective physique transformation. Eric is the pioneer of the world-renown POWER, REP RANGE, SHOCK training method and is one of the most sought after­ personal trainers/contest preparation coaches in the field by athletes, bodybuilders and members of the entertainment industry

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