Workout Tips

The Weider Principles

Build the perfect routine - or make any workout better -— with these tried-and-true training principles, collected by the Master Blaster himself, Joe Weider.

The Weider Principles, a list of weightlifting truisms gathered and honed by the father of bodybuilding Joe Weider, have stood the test of time.

We highly recommend that you use them, too, as you learn and advance your muscle-building efforts.

Program Design

Cycle Training

Devote portions of your training year to specific goals for strength, mass or getting cut. This can help decrease your risk of injury and add variety to your routine. Cycle periods of high intensity and low intensity to allow for recovery and spur new gains.

Eclectic Training

Incorporate a diverse selection of variables, such as set, rep and exercise schemes, into your workout. Bodypart routines should utilize both mass-building multijoint moves and single-joint exercises.

Instinctive Training

Experiment to develop an instinct as to what works best for you. Use your training results along with past experiences to constantly fine-tune your program. Go by feel in the gym: If your biceps just don'’t feel like they'’ve recovered from the last workout, do another bodypart that day instead.

Muscle Confusion

Constantly change variables in your workout --— number of sets, number of reps, exercise choice, order of exercises, length of your rest periods --— to avoid getting in a rut and slowing growth.

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