Arm Exercises

Anatomy of an Exercise - The Spider Curl

Isolate your biceps for better definition with this unique curl variation

Anatomy of an Exercise - The Spider Curl

>Building a bigger pair of biceps typically requires relatively heavy curls, either with a barbell or dumbbells. But a set of arms that are chiseled as well as massive need to be trained with a variety of exercises—some big moves and some detailing moves. Here’s one of the latter: the spider curl. Do it as a finishing exercise in your arm workout for some strict isolation work that will make your biceps pop.

Start Position: Arms hanging straight down toward the floor, fully extended

1. Arms hanging straight down toward the fl oor, fully extended Lean forward on a spider curl bench (as shown) or the benchless side of a preacher curl apparatus.

2. Hold a barbell with your arms extended and your triceps in contact with lower pad.

3.The upper pad should be snug in your armpits


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