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Sylvester Stallone's Full Arm Workout

Sly's arms race: nonstop, all-out action.

By M&F Editors
Sylvester Stallone's Full Arm Workout

Sly trains fast, moving from exercise to exercise without rest. Not only does this get him muscular, but it conditions him, as well.


(4 to 5 cycles without rest)

Underhand Pulldowns
12–15 reps with a narrow grip.

Barbell curls
Sly starts with a narrow grip, goes to failure, and then switches to a wide grip for 6–8 “finishing” reps.

Incline Alternating DB Hammer Curls
10–12 reps per side

High Cable Curls
Sly holds and squeezes forcefully at the top of 10–12 reps.

Bandbell* Curls to Reverse Curls
10–12 reps each without rest


(4 to 5 cycles without rest)

Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls
Up to 25 reps each

BodyBar Handshake Curls
Sly holds one end of a short BodyBar and moves his wrist as though shaking hands. As it becomes too heavy, he chokes up on it to crank out more quality reps. He continues moving his hand closer to the center of the bar until he’s knocked out 25–30 reps, with one bar in each hand at the same time.

Timed Hang from Monkey Bars
Up to 120 seconds

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