Roughly 3,000 college basketball players have stepped on the hardwood to represent their schools in a Final Four since the first March Madness tournament in 1939. Of those 3,000, we’ve seen hundreds of future NBA players and dozens of Hall of Famers get their One Shining Moment.

But that’s not what we’re after here. We’re after something a little more … meaty. We’re after players who had their One Flexing Moment.

Sure, the buzzer-beaters and late-game heroics of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are great. And the legendary tournaments of Christian Laettner and Carmelo Anthony and Kemba Walker will live on forever.

However, at almost every Final Four, one or two dudes stand out for both their play and their power; for shredding defenses and shredded biceps; for their dunks and their delts; for their…OK…you get the idea.

The rules for picking this team were simple: The athlete had to have played in a Final Four.

Without further adieu, here is our all-muscled-up March Muscle Madness Final Four squad:

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March Madness Strength and Conditioning Program

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