As a WWE wrestler, Bryan Danielson—or “Daniel Bryan,” by his stage name—was the underdog and a true fan-favorite. Stepping into the ring with a bicep girth inches smaller than his typical adversaries, Danielson’s modest physique turned on it’s head the notion that WWE stars had to be huge, brawny, and sculpted to perfection. Danielson made his own brand a reality, and found huge success in wrestling entertainment before being sidelined by unfortunate medical problems

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Following his retirement announcement from Monday Night Raw this past February, Bryan has thrown himself into a new sport. Over the weekend, he posted a video on Instagram of footage from his first ever Olympic weightlifting competition, a huge accomplishment for the driven, hungry competitor-at-heart. 

It looks like Danielson was awarded a sharp Samurai sword for the outcome of his competition. 

Be sure to keep an eye on Danielson’s Instagram account for more inspirational training footage (read: a legend getting more legendary).