Entertainment Tonight host, Cameron Mathison, is a globe-trotting family man, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast who doesn’t let a day go by without a workout.  

“Scheduling is key to making it happen,” says Mathison whose travel itinerary this week alone includes flights from Los Angeles to New York, Toronto, Minneapolis and Fort Meyers. “It’s tougher to find the spark on the road when I’m exhausted from travel and jet lag, but I know I have to go do it.” That’s why pool exercises have become his favorite workouts of late. “All you have to do is fall in the pool and the rest follows,” says Mathison who is currently training for a triathlon in Malibu.  

Cameron dumbbell curl

Life as a Hollywood front man comes with its unspoken have-to’s, including honing the red carpet look and keeping a youthful, healthy appearance despite age. But for Mathison, his hardcore dedication to fitness is fueled by more than just the external. “My motivation comes from how I feel. It’s also about longevity and being truly healthy,” Mathison says who has added meditation and yoga to his practice. His paleo diet of lean proteins, low starches, and vegetables keeps him grounded and able to sustain his active lifestyle.

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“I don’t feel my day is complete unless I’ve made time to exercise,” he says. A recent instagram video shows Mathison using the Fit Lynx board in his hotel room. “I can incorporate almost anything into my workout,” he says. Mathison also gets his kicks from hitting up outdoor adventure spots for hiking and exploring whatever city he’s in. His travel gym bag usually contains goggles, a swimsuit and workout clothes, a yoga mat, lynx board, and even TRX straps and resistance bands when he can get his hands on them.

Cameron Swim

But what’s even more surprising and inspiring about Cameron Mathison’s active lifestyle is the lesser-known story of how he couldn’t walk until the age of 7. “I was born with a degenerative bone disease,” he said, but once he was able to overcome his disability he flung himself into action. He picked up weightlifting in high school and went on to play college basketball and enjoy extreme skiing, determined never to be the “cripple kid.”

Keep up with Cameron Mathison on Instagram @cameronmathison to see his fun adventures and improvised hotel workouts. Cameron is currently a co-anchor on “Entertainment Tonight” and is reprising his role as Mike Kingston in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries “Murder, She Baked” series alongside co-star Alison Sweeney. The fourth installment, “Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Recipe” premieres on Sunday, June 19 at 9/8c.