It’s difficult to envision, but the ultra-aesthetic IFBB physique pro Romane Lanceford grew up as a pudgy gym rat concerned only with hoisting as much weight as possible—form (and injury) concerns aside. Then in 2013, Lanceford entered his first UKBFF-sanctioned physique competition, which forced him to adopt a new training and dietary regimen for the stage. He leaned out quickly and would find success in 2015, as the 6’1″, 209-pound Brit earned victories at the 2015 UKBFF English Grand Prix and the 2015 IFBB Amateur Olympia United Kingdom (over 182cm class).

M&F: What is the most challenging thing about competing?

Romane Lanceford: Carrying the expectations of those around you. After all of the support and love you receive, the last thing you want to do is let anyone down. However, that’s the same type of pressure that keeps you hungry and sharp.

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How often do you train?

Every day. I set aside four hours that gets split into two sessions. The morning session consists of fasted cardio for up to an hour followed by core work, stretching, and posing. My afternoon session is weight training followed by cardio.

Does your training style differ from your competitors’?

The intensity of my sessions and the amount of work that gets done during each workout are what sets me apart from other competitors. Every session is very high intensity: dropsets, supersets, pyramid sets, and sets to failure—all with no rest. The heart rate stays high, so the fat gets torched.

Are your gym routines strictly mapped out, or do you wing it?

I never know my plan week to week. By not preparing my sessions ahead of time I believe I’m better able to shock my body. But I’ll typically choose the muscle group I’m going to train at the start of each day, depending on soreness.

How varied is your diet?

For me it’s simple: meat, vegetables, and potatoes, as well as my oats and supplements.

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Romane’s Stats

Age: 26
Lives: Bristol, England
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 209
Career Highlight: 2015 UKBFF Grand Prix Physique champion
Contact Info: