M&F Exclusive Interview with "The Expendables 2" Star Scott Adkins

Senior Editor Matt Tuthill speaks to the Englishman about his preparation for the role.

M&F Exclusive Interview with "The Expendables 2" Star Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins is a man who has paid his action dues. From roles in The Bourne Ultimatum with Matt Damon and Assassination Games with Jean Claude Van Damme, the English actor has a very respectable action movie resume. However, the 36-year-old recognizes that his role as Hector in The Expendables 2, which opens on Friday, was a chance to work with the Holy Grail of action stars.

Check out his interview with our own Matt Tuthill, where he describes what is was like to work with this incredible cast. Oh, and did we mention that he tells Matt what it was like to work out with Arnold in their hotel gym in Bulgaria during the shoot? Listen in envy as he recounts the experience of sharing gym time with the king of bodybuilding.


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If that hasn't got you pumped up for the movie, then check out the trailer:


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