Many athletes want to make sure that they have photos of themselves when they are in peak shape. Aside from having that look on record, these photos can help the competitors or models off of the stage. These pictures can help them with business opportunities.

That’s why “Femme Flex Friday” co-hosts Alina Popa and Whitney Jones had three of the top photographers in the field join them to share tips to make the most out of the moment. Will Edwards, Sean Nelson, and Brett Seeley all shared their expert insights on the latest episode. Any bodybuilder or physique athlete should heed their advice so they can be ready and capitalize when they get the chance to be in front of their cameras.

Brett Seeley – Communication is Key

“I’m a huge fan of communication because I don’t like shooting just random stuff. I want to know why we’re shooting, what the images are for, are they going to be seen? What is the objective? Are there any business goals? Because that is going to directly tie into how we’re going to shoot.”

Will Edwards – Show What You’re Looking for With Other Images

“People will bring in just your pictures, or they will bring a variety of pictures, and all of it helps because it gives you an idea of what’s in their heads. It’s not necessarily about emulating exactly what they’ve shown you. It’s about understanding what their goals are, what they’re intentions are. From that, you can then have that serious talk.”

Sean Nelson – The Mouth Matters

“One thing I always say to them is, you know, ‘breathe out of your mouth.’ ‘Don’t keep your mouth shut.’ Because keeping your mouth shut means you have to make it shut. You have to close it. So I tell them to breathe out of their mouth, relax their lips, put the tongue on the roof of the mouths. It kind of separates the lips a little bit and give you more of that relaxed look.”

All three gentlemen offer more insights that can help make the most out of those photo shoots so the experience is better for the photographer and the subject. You can see the episode in its entirety, as well as every episode of “Femme Flex Friday,” over at

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