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Jeremy Hoornstra: King of the Bench Press

Follow the master's lead to increase your overall strength and bench numbers.

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Jeremy Hoornstra barbell bench press

Jeremy Hoornstra has established himself as the best bench presser of all-time!

This summer, Jeremy set the all-time (meaning the highest of all sanctioning bodies) world record in the bench press with a staggering 675 pounds RAW, weighing in at a paltry 266 pounds. Hoornstra broke the 672 pound record he recently set this past May in his weight class.

Hoornstra also owns the world record mark in the 242-pound division for the raw bench press, which stands at 661 pounds. His lifts will soar as he grows into the 275 pound weight class and he will break the 242-pound mark again. What makes his feats even more amazing is that he's able to find a way to put in the time and work necessary to excel at the elite level with a full time job and family responsibilities.

Jeremy Hoornstra 675 lb. Record Breaking Raw Bench Press

To put things into perspective, Jeremy set the all-time world record in the bench press in 2007 for the 242 class with 615 lbs.; the old record of 601 stood for nearly 30 years. His 661 is a staggering 10 percent higher. Jeremy has held all-time world records for nearly a decade. That kind of longevity is very rare at this level. What makes things even more interesting is that he has not even hit his peak.

The absolute most weight a human being has bench pressed is 722, by Super Heavy Weight, Eric Spoto. Even when compared with top super heavy weights that can weigh 100+ more pounds than Jeremy, his lift still ranks in the top 10 of all-time.

Comparing Jeremy, regardless of bodyweight, longevity, or by how much his records annihilate previous marks—it is clear he is the best bench presser of all-time.

As Jeremy’s longtime trainer, I wanted share his take on strength training and give him a chance to clear up rumors about him switching to three lift powerlifting.

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