WWE Monday Night Raw has been a weekly television staple since it first slammed live onto our screens on Jan. 11, 1993. Since then, the flagship pro-wrestling show has beaten its fiercest rival in WCW, garnered monster viewing figures, and provided us with some truly epic entertainment over the years. 

After more than 25 years on the air, WWE should be applauded for its incredibly high production values and scintillating matches from all over the globe. Still, after 1,350-plus episodes of Raw now in the can, some viewers are saying the time is right for a few format changes.

Critics have called on WWE to cut Raw’s running time from three hours down to two, but this is unlikely due to the pro wrestling juggernaut’s lucrative multiyear agreement with the USA Network. Likewise, assertions that Raw should pull itself back into the hugely successful “Attitude Era”, when the content was edgier and more adult-oriented, fails to recognize that WWE is now a publicly traded company. Its shareholders and sponsors simply would not allow the kind of politically incorrect chaos that reigned supreme in the late ’90s. However, there are still some relatively simple hacks that WWE can do to make Raw great again, and they are all in the realms of immediate possibility. 

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Stars out for WWE Raw Austin

Stars Come out for WWE Raw in Austin

Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong enjoyed the wrestling action.

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