If you’re a loyal reader of Muscle & Fitness, chances are pretty good that you’ve considered making the trip to Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend. It’s an event that’s often described as the Super Bowl of the fitness industry, and it would take every page in this magazine to list the reasons people journey to Las Vegas each September for this one-of-a-kind fitness and muscle-building showcase. I’ve narrowed it down to four reasons why you should head on over to mrolympia.com before it’s too late to secure your tickets for an experience that might change you forever.

1. Expanded Attractions

We know that Olympia Weekend is the gathering place for the world’s most jaw-dropping physiques, but the scope of the event is always expanding. When the fitness industry collides with the Las Vegas strip, you’ll want to have your camera ready! What started in 1965 as the world’s most prestigious bodybuilding competition has grown into a full-blown fitness extravaganza.

2. Witness History

With the top spot in Men’s Open Bodybuilding wide open, the stage appears set for an epic showdown, highlighted by a host of contenders looking for their place among the all-time greats.

3. Stand Among Friends

While some travel to Sin City in September to experience one of the year’s great traditions, many attend the event for the chance to connect with like-minded men and women who share a common goal of achieving their personal best. The muscle and fitness lifestyle is what brings this community together, and the Olympia is the perfect opportunity to get to know those who wake up each morning driven to be their very best. Each year, Olympia Weekend gives way to friendships and inspiration that can last a lifetime.

4. A Production Unlike Any Other

There are some high-quality events on the fitness industry’s annual calendar. Many are held in auditoriums, ballrooms, and theaters, but the Olympia is the only major championship that’s held in a world-class arena. With nearly $1.5 million in prize money, and the largest stage production budget in the industry, Olympia Weekend is the kind of must-see experience you need to check off your bucket list.

Get more info at mrolympia.com.