Constantly hitting the gym and pushing your limits is a goal that isn’t only physically tasking, but mentally challenging as well. However, if you watch Lauren Bruzzone’s stunts on Instagram and don’t feel even a tiny kick of motivation, you just may be a career couch potato. On social media, you’ll see her performing plate get-ups, diamond pushups, and farmer’s carries. At 72 years old, she’s pushing her limits during every gym outing, and her weapon of choice is CrossFit

In addition to keeping herself in killer shape, she’s also a beacon of motivation for others. Fitness enthusiasts of all ages can take inspiration from her dedication to hitting the iron.

She’s gone viral for another crazy feat of strength that you can watch below:




This isn’t the first time she’s took the internet by storm, as posts from her gym’s page (@chasingthemasters) or on trainer Wesley James’ account (@mrjames_cpt) have garnered thousands of views in recent years.

We spoke with Bruzzone about her fitness routine, CrossFit, and her motivation.