Few people in the world have demonstrated a higher level of athleticism than six-time Olympic medalist Aly Raisman. At the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, the talented gymnast proved she was a dominant force on the world gymnastics stage by earning both individual and team medals.

So you’d think that superior athletic ability and quest for perfection would translate to pretty much any sport she attempted. After watching the video below though, you’ll quickly see that’s not the case.

Over the weekend, while on vacation in Cape Cod, Raisman and some friends attempted to play tennis. Give this girl a racket and put her on the tennis court, and the graceful champion suddenly turns into, um, not quite a graceful champion:


If the video is any indication of how it went, let’s just say the Williams sisters aren’t looking over their shoulders. Still, it didn’t stop Raisman from offering Serena her services on the doubles court if needed.

And while Raisman might have a long way to go, we know this much: We sure as hell wouldn’t bet against her.