After the 2012 Olympia, Team SmartShake Athletes Adela Garcia, Flex Lewis and Phil Heath secured three more Olympia titles for the Team.

Founder and CEO Mikael Nilsson states “We are proud to say that our company sponsors athletes that have the highest number of Olympia titles. What other company can say that?” That fact is pretty impressive for any company let alone a shaker cup! Team SmartShake is represented by Adela Garcia, 7 time winner, Ronnie Coleman, 8 time winner, Flex Lewis, 1 time winner, Phil Heath, 2 time winner and Jay Cutler, 4 time winner. Each athlete has their own “signature cup” which features their authentic reproduced signature and an exclusive design inspired by the athlete.

When asked about his SmartShake, 4x Mr Olympia winner, Jay Cutler, states “My SmartShake goes with me everywhere. As an athlete I constantly need protein, and by bringing the SmartShake I can have three high quality servings of protein per day. Plus it doubles as a water bottle while I’m working out. It truly is the world’s best and smartest shaker for me”

Rumors that SmartShake is adding more athletes can’t be confirmed but Mikael states “We are flattered when athletes want to be part of our team and we are always looking for hot new faces to join us. If we decide to increase the team we have to be selective. We pride ourselves in having the best shaker cup, so we need to have the best athletes”

With fresh contracts for all 5 current athletes you can almost be certain Team SmartShake will add a couple more titles to their name in 2013.

Founded in 2009, SmartShake is a privately-held manufacture of a “smart” shaker cup that helps make staying healthy easier. The SmartShake is as effective as it is unique, its the three compartments will hold pills, powders, snacks, keys—the possibilities are endless! And the patented snap-on strainer will easily mix powdered drinks without clumps or lumps. headquarted in Västerås Sweden, SmartShake is available world-wide in over 35 different countries. Learn more at