This morning, the action star, former California governor and 7-time Mr. Olympia champion Arnold Schwarzenegger hit the gym with over 100,000 of his fans — virtually. As part of the promotion for his new M&F issue and for his After School All Stars program, Schwarzenegger hosted a Facebook Live video at Gold’s Gym Venice. The Oak gave out exclusive access and training advice you’d usually have to dig through a high-quality fitness magazine (ahem, like M&F) to find.

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“It’s very important that you go out as far as you can [that’s] the stretch,” Schwarzenegger explained while pumping away on a triceps machine. “I think individual dumbbells and kettlebells are better because they give you better balance.”

The man is never short on sage training advice; it’s no wonder that he’ll grace our cover once again next month. We’ll feature some of The Oak’s top arm routines and we’ll even give away some signed After School All Stars gear as part of our #ArnoldPose Twitter contest (info and rules to come).