Just when we were about to hand over the Hardest Working Man in Show Business title to “The Rock,” along comes Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest announcement of plans to reprise several of his most memorable movie roles in the upcoming months.

In a recent interview with Kleine Zeitung (translated via The Playlist), Schwarzenegger shared updates on three of the classic ’80s films for which he expects to be working on a sequel. 

“In the fall, I start shooting on the comedy Triplets [sequel to Twins] with Eddie Murphy and Danny DeVito,” he explained. “In March next year, I am shooting Terminator 6, James Cameron and David Ellison are back on board, and then comes a Conan.”

Sci-fi, comedy, and a sword-wielding, fantasy adventure—it’s the ultimate trifecta for Schwarzenegger fans, and one that will surely bring them out in droves to the theaters. 

While T6 and Triplets appear to be in the works, no offical word has been given on The Legend Of Conan. Earlier this spring, screenwriter Chris Morgan revealed that the project was dead, but with Arnold officially on board for a barbarian reboot, the mighty mythological character may soon come back to life.

Since it will be a few more months before any of these sequels hit the big screen, here are a few clips from the original Arnie blockbusters to hold you over.