Retired pro basketball players say the last thing an aging hoop star loses is his jump shot. If Arnold Schwarzenegger is any measure, the last things a Mr. Olympia champion loses are his biceps.

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The Oak has been having a ball in Paris this week, posting his exploits across SnapChat and Instagram. Muscle & Fitness Editor-in-Chief Shawn Perine posted a behind-the-scenes shot yesterday. 

Not bad for a 68-year-old … or anyone for that matter. Of course, Schwarzenegger hasn’t just been snapping selfies in recent days — he was in Paris for business. The Governator dusted off his politician hat to attend the COP21 climate talks. It’s all part of his initiative to take on climate change. As if that weren’t enough on his plate, he recently reached out to a Reddit fan suffering from terminal brain cancer. Want to follow more of the Oak’s exploits? Here’s how.