We all know the saying, “With great power comes great responsibility,” but for those without Spidey-sense, simple awareness can lead to great opportunity. And in this case, one man’s power and awareness is making a huge difference in the lives of millions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legacy dates back to his early days spent training to conquer the world of bodybuilding. He’s gone on to accumulate accomplishments and accolades in every arena from sports, to acting, politics, commerce and more, yet this titan of industry’s humble roots keep him grounded firmly in the virtue of service.  

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Arnold's Influence on After-School All-Stars

The opportunity that changed everything came to Arnold 25 years ago. He was appointed to the President’s Council for Sports and Fitness where he toured schools across the US promoting fitness to kids. This lit a fire in Arnold and he made a choice to use his incredible resources to benefit at-risk youth. In 1993 he teamed up with Inner City Games, an organization bringing sports to inner city kids, and went on to grow the foundation into the largest after-school programs in the nation, After-School All-Stars. 

After-School All-Stars serves over 72,000 kids in 300+ schools with ambassadors like Dwayne Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Shaun Phillips, Lebron James, Devin Harris, Chris Paul and many others donating their time and talents to reach kids after school. ASAS offers a wide array of programs from sports, to the arts and now computer coding, dj-ing and modern dance. These programs and the dedicated leaders are keeping kids off the streets and engaged in building a brighter future, and it’s all thanks to one man’s vision.

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You too can follow in the footsteps of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger and make a difference in a kid’s life today. Visit www.afterschoolallstars.org to make a donation and see how you can get involved.