When inaugural Mr. Olympia winner Larry Scott passed away on March 8, the bodybuilding world was hit hard, but few harder than his longtime friend Betty Weider. As the wife of Muscle & Fitness founder Joe Weider and a former M&F and Shape cover model, Betty Weider is a true legend in the world of fitness herself, and knew Larry for half a century. Mrs. Weider just released a statement on her friend’s passing that we’d like to share with you.

LARRY SCOTT was the FIRST Champion of Champions.  He was the inspiration for the creation of the “Joe Weider Olympia”, a contest made to find the best Champion of all the Champions.

Larry epitomized the ideal image of Bodybuilding as the clean-cut All American “Golden Boy”. It was not only an image but he actually lived his life just like that image. 

Joe loved him and was so proud of all that he did to help and encourage the youth of America to live a clean, fit and productive life.    

Larry was also a Champion of character and courage, as he fought the debilitating disease of Alzheimer’s. 

Larry’s images and deeds will forever remain as an inspiration to others.

Larry was not only a Champion in Bodybuilding but a Champion as a friend, father and husband.

My heart goes out to his beloved wife, Rachel, and his family.

With love and admiration,

Betty Weider

Betty Weider