In a day filled with incredible displays of strength, power, speed and endurance, the cream rose to the top of the CrossFit leaderboard. Last year’s CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning made his move to overcome leader Jason Khalipa by taking 2nd in the Naughty Nancy, 3rd in the Clean & Jerk, and 4th in the 2007.  

Does Froning have enough in the tank to hold off competitors Garret Fisher, Ben Smith, Marcus Hendren and Khalipa who are right on his heels? After watching him cruise through his heats in today’s competitions, it’s hard to imagine anyone catching him. But you can bet they’ll all push themselves as far as humanly possible to take the top spot at this year’s CrossFit Games, and have the privilege of being called the fittest man alive. 

Here’s the breakdown of the individual men’s results in Saturday’s 3 gut wrenching events, along with the current overall standings. WIll the leaderboard look the same when it’s all said and done Sunday evening? Stay tuned. 

Naughty Nancy

1st:  Josh Bridges
2nd: Rich Froning
3rd: Jason Khalipa

Clean & Jerk

1st: Aja Barto – 355 lbs. 
1st (tie): Lucas Parker – 355 lbs.
3rd: Rich Froning – 345 lbs.


1st: Josh Bridges
2nd: Lacee Kovacs
3rd: Daniel Tyminski

Overall Standings: (Top 5 as of Saturday night)

1st: Rich Froning – 662 pts.
2nd: Jason Khalipa – 640 pts. 
3rd: Garret Fisher –  576 pts.
4th: Ben Smith – 567 pts
5th: Marcus Hendren – 561 pts.