If this scene didn’t get you pumped for the latest Terminator movie, we’re not sure what will. Two Terminators, both Arnold, one clothed, squaring off. It’s arguably the most hyped highlight from the latest movie and for good cause, the scene was apparently very hard to create. 

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Business Insider Australia reports the orginal Arnold footage couldn’t be repurposed for the newest film. A new Arnold-like physique needed to be found. Enter: Brett Azar. He’s a huge Arnold fan, which probably helped him tackle the admittedly awkward scene.

“Jai got to wear a triangle piece that was more like a g-string. I had literally a sock/pantyhose with a drawstring,” Azar told the Arnold Fans in a recent interview. “Yeah nothing was concealed. And I had to run at Arnold full speed, grapple with him, throw kicks and punches, approach him on the ground…. just hanging out. I really didn’t care though. I was living my dream and it didn’t matter if I was naked doing it.”

The 27-year-old told Entertainment Weekly that he’s idolized Schwarzenegger since elementary school — it definitely shows. “Brett was the only one who matched those specifications,” Terminator producer David Ellison said. Azar sports a 50-inch back along with other impressive stats.

Here’s a few shots so you can see for yourself!


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