Can anyone stop Braun Strowman

If this week’s Raw is any indication, the answer is probably no.

Brock Lesnar and Brawn Strowman

Braun Strowman to Face Brock Lesnar at ‘No M...

The two still have unfinished business.

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At the beginning of the program, Strowman faced off with his rival Brock Lesnar. Lesnar successfully suplexed Strowman, but before he could take him to “Suplex City,” Strowman recovered immediately. Lesnar was visibly stunned by Strowman’s resilience, and Strowman then responded in kind by taking him down with a running slam.

Later in the show, “The Monster Among Men” went toe-to-toe with legendary WWE superstar John Cena.  While Cena has prevailed in a number of underdog moments, he appeared to be truly out of his depth against Strowman—an attempt at an Attitude Adjustment failed due to Strowman’s massive size. Eventually, Strowman had enough and powerslammed Cena into an aluminum staircase. Strowman, having made his point as a genuine threat to the rest of the WWE Universe, appeared unperturbed by his loss via disqualification. 

Brock Lesnar At Summerslam

Brock Lesnar Dethrones John Cena As Highest-paid W...

Brock Lesnar dethroned John Cena to take the #1 spot.

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Strowman is poised to take on Lesnar for the Universal Championship at No Mercy on September 24, and time will tell if “The Beast Incarnate” will be able to keep his throne.