Six to seven meals a day, each meal totaling over two pounds — could you imagine eating that much? It’s how The Rock makes his gains to pack on that elusive muscle. But if you’re the average Joe, then that much food may be somewhat extreme.

Sean Evans from Complex Magazine took on The Rock’s daily diet. Mind you that the WWE superstar eats up to 10 pounds of food a day— totaling to 5,165 calories. The Rock also works out more than once a day — making it fully possible to ingest seven meals. As for Sean Evans, that’s a different story — you can catch him trying to eat during a meeting and even working out. The Rock’s diet presented another challenge to Sean: eating fish, 30 ounces of cod a day

Sean didn’t make any gains, instead he made his way to the bathroom to hurl a meal.  

The Rock applauded Evans for the attempt, and tells him what the missing puzzle piece could be. 

Better luck next time Sean!