Before The Strongest Man in History’s debut later tonight, the History Channel provided a sneak peek of what to expect from strongman quartet Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Robert Oberst, and Nick Best.

The show will span seven episodes and aims to educate viewers about the history of strongman competitions while the four friends challenge old (and we mean old) records. You’ll get to see them pull Viking warships, run with pianos tied to their backs, and more, all while cracking jokes at each others’ expense. 

In a YouTube clip, they practice Thor’s hammer throw, in which they attempt to toss a 13-pound hammer as far as possible. Hall seemed to have the best performance, while four-time World’s Strongest Man Shaw easily had the worst. His hammer somehow got stuck in a tree. “Brian has a real affinity for trees,” Oberst later joked. “He’s kind of a tree himself.”

You can see the throws and watch Hall get Shaw’s hammer out of the tree here:

The four are good friends and make frequent appearances on each other’s YouTube channels, and judging by the clip below it’s fair to say that their camaraderie will be present throughout the series. In another clip, Best and Oberst attempt to make mead, a type of honey wine once made by Viking warriors.

You can watch The Strongest Man in History on the History Channel tonight, July 10, at 10 p.m. EST.