Toward the end of 2018, 2017 World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall went from an uber-heavy 441 pounds to a shredded (but still ridiculously huge) 358 pounds. At this weight, Hall is undoubtedly healthier and happier, and most definitely ab-ier.

Since then, “The Beast” has stayed between 358 and 380 pounds, but he’s still hoisting heavy weights in the gym, while doing some boxing and swimming and collaborating with other strongmen like Brian Shaw. Once he hit 378 pounds, Hall recorded a 17-day weight loss challenge on his YouTube channel, which you can peep below, to see what he could do.

Like everything Hall does, he took his shred to the extreme and shed 20 pounds from his monstrous frame. To do so, he says that he cut out almost all carbs and spent upwards of three hours in the gym per session. So why would Hall aim to lose all of this weight for no apparent reason?

“The weight is insignificant to me. I don’t care what I weigh. That was more a challenge,” Hall says the video above. “What I’m really interested in is what I look like. Fuck what the scale says. As long as you feel healthy and look healthy and are happy with your appearance, that’s what, in my mind, is important.”