Chad Johnson: Only Thing Wrong With Me is 'Downstairs'

The cocky NFL star (jokingly?) says his physique is compensating for something.


Is McDonald's the staple of a lean mass diet? Ochocinco seems to think so. The retired, loud-mouthed NFL star praises the fast food chain in his most recent Instagram video. He didn't feature his face in this one, only an impressive set of abs he credits to his McDonald's diet. He captioned the video “2 months of McDonald’s before each workout” and proceeded to laud America’s highest grossing restaurant.

“It’s that Old McDonald’s. I got eight of them things showing….My chest is bigger than my girl’s chest right now," Ochocinco says in the video. "Don’t let ’em tell you that you can’t eat no McDonald’s man.” 

His eight-pack and "c-cup" pecs aren't what raised people's eyebrows though. With the camera cut to his stomach he then inexplicably spoke about the size of his, well, we'll let him tell you.

2 months of McDonald's before each workout

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This was not the first time Ochocinco endorsed the fast-food chain. In 2009, when HBO’s hit series “Hard Knocks” followed the Cincinnati Bengals, Ochocinco was front and center – endorsing the fast-food chain while still working out like an animal. 

After six years, Ochocinco has not changed. He still has that vibrant personality along with a ripped body. However, though Ochocinco’s diet might work for him, it does not mean that it should work for you. The six-time pro-bowler still trains like a beast -- his cheat days are well-deserved.

Rope pull ups

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Inverted Rows

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225lbs before June 1st

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I don't like this, my quads burned out too quick

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More hip mobility

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